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The Zilver PTX Stent Platform (Cook Medical, Bloomington, Indiana) is currently investigating polymer-free paclitaxol on Zilver stents for SFA lesions less than 14 cm in length. The dose is 3 µg/mm 2. The initial phase studied 60 patients and noted a 90% patency

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Stent Diameter (mm) Stent Length (mm) Delivery System Length (cm) CE Mark Indiions Abbott Xience Prime BTK Everolimus Cobalt chromium Fluorinated copolymer 0.014 4 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4 28, 38 143 Indied for improving peripheral luminal diameter in the

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3.5, 4 10, 18, 38, 57, 76 120, 150 Peripheral arteries, below-the-knee balloon-expandable stents (Continued) Company Name Product Name Material Used Maximum Guidewire Size (inch) Introducer Size (F) Stent Diameter (mm) Stent Length (mm) Delivery (cm)


3-8 mm diameter x 20-200 length 200 cm shaft length The longest 0.035" radial to peripheral capability and Rapid Exchange R2P MISAGO® RX Self-expanding Peripheral Stent (1 per box) Product Code Description SXR06040R 200 cm, 6 Fr, 6 mm x 40

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AMT PRODUCT CODE DESCRIPTION SHEATHS GLIDESHEATH SLENDER® Hydrophilic Coated Introducer Sheath Nitinol Kit (5 per box) 50-1060 6 Fr, 10 cm, 0.021" GW 50-1070 7 Fr, 10 cm, 0.021" GW GLIDESHEATH SLENDER® Hydrophilic Coated

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Abbott’s Supera Peripheral Stent, unique in its ability to flex and bend in dynamic vessel environments, offers much greater compression resistance than other standard nitinol stents. The Supera Stent has both the flexibility and the higher radial strength for

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OrbusNeich is leading the way in the development of Pro- ‐Healing technologies for the treatment of coronary artery disease. Our products include Dual Therapy Stent, Bio- ‐engineered Stents, Bare Metal Stents and Balloons.


4 mm over the length of the stent-graft. The product is supplied with the following model designation identified on the label. DEVICE SELECTION Tables 1 & 3 address the selection of the appropriate stent-graft diameters for the RELAY®: Table 2 addresses

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But then late stent throosis — throosis occurring a year or more after stent placement — became an obvious problem with the widespread use of DES. While the late stent throosis incident remains quite low — estimated to occur in one out of 200-300

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coating of PTX at a dose density of 3 µg/mm2 on its outer surface. The stent has a reference vessel diameter of 4 to 9 mm and a total lesion length of up to 140 mm per li and 280 mm per patient. (11) After deployment of the stent, PTX levels are sustained in

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In addition, most drug‐coated balloons and stents for the femoropopliteal artery contain at least an order of magnitude higher payload of paclitaxel in comparison with paclitaxel‐eluting coronary stents (a 3.5×32 mm coronary TAXUS stent contains around 200 μg

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30/1/2019· Other self-expanding peripheral stents have been cleared by the FDA over the past few years from Biotronik and Medtronic. The latest stent to join the U.S. market is the Veryan Medical Ltd. BioMimics 3D Vascular Stent System, cleared in October 2018.

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1 month Representative photomicrographs of porcine coronary arteries, 2x 6 months 1 year 2 years 3 years 4 years Onuma Y, Serruys PW, Perkins LEL, Okamura T, Gonzalo N, Garcia-Garcia HM, et al. Intracoronary optical coherence tomography and histology

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4 Freedom from TLR at 3 years: 75.5% LifeStent ® Vascular Stent arm (n=134), 41.8% PTA arm (n=72), pLifeStent ® Vascular Stent in 6 mm and 7 mm diameters and lengths of 40-80 mm. The LifeStent ® 5 mm stent diameter and LifeStent ® 5F delivery system were not included in these clinical studies.

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Interventional Cardiovascular Coding: Peripherals Angioplasty Atherectomy Stent Placement 2 Peripheral Interventions Agenda with a 3 mm balloon) is followed by 6 mm stent placement for suboptimal results. Bilateral common iliac stent placement is The

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Product Item ID Product Item Name Diameter Length heter Length Guidewire heter Diameter Units/Each ZBL04020 E-LUMINEXX® Biliary Stent, 4 mm x 20 mm, 135 cm heter length, 6 Fr 4 mm 20 mm 135 cm 0.035″ 6F 1 ZBL04030 E-LUMINEXX® Biliary

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Peripheral Intervention Injection Infusion Therapy Diabetes Care Events About News Contact Careers Europe, Middle Testing performed on Ultimaster Tansei Stent System (3.0 x 38 mm) n=1, Resolute Onyx Stent System (3.0 x 38 mm) n=1, Orsiro Stent

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Coronary Stent Graft System HDE Indiion For use in the treatment of free perforation - defi ned as free contrast extravasation into the pericardium, in native coronary vessels or saphenous vein bypass grafts ≥ 2.75 mm in diameter. IRB Approval Required for

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absolute pro ll 7.0mm x 120 mm x 135 cm peripheral stent (endovascular stent) 4 NOS 290.94 1163.76 united states 18-Nov-2016 delhi air cargo 90219090 absolute pro ll 6.0mm x 150 mm x 135 cm peripheral stent (endovascular stent) 3 NOS

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Indied for use to improve luminal diameter in patients with symptomatic de novo, restenotic, or occlusive lesions loed in the superficial femoral or proximal popliteal arteries, with reference vessel diameters from 3–6 mm and total lesion lengths up to 190 mm

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EluNIR® The EluNIR Ridaforolimus Eluting Coronary Stent System optimizes conformability and uniformity and features the lowest metal footprint on the U.S. market 1. EluNIR DES’s innovative engineering and unique WiZeCell design delivers… The Narrowest

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A total of 10 trials were pooled randomizing patients to ST (n = 724 lis) or PTA with provisional stenting (n = 718 lis) with a follow-up period of 9 to 24 months. The mean lesion length was similar in the two groups (45.8 mm in the ST group and 43.3 mm in

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The XIENCE Sierra stent system is indied for improving coronary artery luminal diameter in patients, including those with diabetes mellitus, with symptomatic heart disease due to de novo native coronary artery lesions (length ≤ 32 mm) with reference vessel

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U.S. Indiions The EverFlex Self-Expanding Peripheral Stent System is intended to improve luminal diameter in the treatment of symptamotic de novo or restenotic lesions up to 180 mm in length in the native superficial femoral artery and/or proximal popliteal

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The Absolute Pro Vascular Self-Expanding Stent System is indied for improving luminal diameter in patients with de novo or restenotic atherosclerotic lesions in the native common iliac artery and native external iliac artery with reference vessel diameters

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