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Oatey 118ml Pipe Joint Compound Can be used with plastic and metal threads For use with water, steam, caustics or dilute acid lines Lubries and seals all threaded joints White, non-hardening, non-separating, non-toxic paste

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Premium-Grade Teflon All-Purpose Pipe Joint Compound, 8 Oz. Bottle Special Compound For Lp and Natural Gas PREMIER 1001143627 CAD 12.1 The Home Depot Canada

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Pipe dope, or pluer''s dope, are slang terms for pipe-joint compound. The product comes in a jar and is the consistency of thin mashed potatoes. Pipe dope doesn''t harden; it stays pasty, never becoming brittle or flaky. Those properties make it fairly easy to apply

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11/1/2011· Best way to seal gas line threads, Pipe dope, teflon tape, or both? Showing 1-53 of 53 messages Best way to seal gas line threads, Pipe dope, teflon tape, or both? Mikepier 1/11/11 5:01 AM During my basement reno, I discovered a small gas leak at one of the

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It''s clean, non-messy and simple to use. Pipe dope, on the other hand, is messy, but it''s been around longer, and some states require it for natural gas lines inside the home. Both of these products work well, so it''s a question of what you are using it for to

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02 - Thread Sealants Q – How do I apply pipe joint compound? Fill the male threads in a clockwise rotation following the direction of thread pattern, or brush across the threads as long as you fill the root of thread without completely covering the crest of thread.

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Pipe-Joint Compound lubries and seals threaded connections. The compound is designed for use on metal threads in lines air and steam pipe lines Not for use on plastic threads Maximum working pressure of 3000 PSI on gas lines from -20 degree Tab

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This Oatey Great Blue Pipe Joint Compound performed flawlessly. As one of the other reviews revealed, I kneaded the tube for a couple minutes before opening it. I smeared it generously on the pipe threads and screwed the two pieces together. Tightened a half turn

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20/12/2017· PTFE Thread Tape: Standard Pipe Dope: Heavy Duty 100 : Simple video explaining how I use

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Whether you need PVC pipe and couplings, ABS elbows or tees, Teflon tape, pipe joint compound or other sea tech pluing fittings, we have it all. Our mobile home pluing accessories consist of the finest quality items on the market and yet our prices are

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Oil-based thread sealant with a uniform, smooth consistency for easy appliion Designed for use with metal threaded pipe Use in pipe systems carrying water, natural gas, air, steam, ammonia, brine, diluted acids and alkalis Suitable for use in temperatures

Pipe Thread Sealants & Tape for Sale proudly distributes liquid and tape thread sealants from J.C. Whitlam including Blue Magic, Talon, and Select-Unyte. Stainless steel pipe fittings and valves are the focus of PipingNow com Our large inventory allows for quick shipping!

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Pipe joint compound, also known as pipe dope, is a liquid compound used to seal threads similar to Teflon tape. The cap of the container has an attached swab brush used to brush a layer of the compound on the threads of the pipe before attaching a fitting.

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20/12/2017· PTFE Thread Tape: Standard Pipe Dope: Heavy Duty 100 : Simple video explaining how I use


1 Oz White Pipe Joint Compound Lubries and seals all threaded joints. White, non-hardening, non-separating, non-toxic paste. Withstands up to 3,000 PSI on gases from -50 to +400F, and 10,000 PSI on liquids from -50 to +500F.


2. Use an approved pipe thread compound applied to the male threads only (keep at least 2 threads back from end of pipe). 3. Incorporate drip legs at all appliance connections. For mobile home gas piping, care must be exercised so that such drip legs are not

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I installed a new, threaded angle valve using pfte tape and I can''t get it to stop weeping. I wrapped the threads about 5-6 times and have tightened it as much as possible. I''ve seen discussions on leaks and pointers saying not to use too much tape, not to over tighten the joint, and mixed comments on coing tape with pipe dope.

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Shop drywall joint compound in the drywall section of Lowes. Find quality drywall joint compound online or in store. Skip to main content Skip to main navigation Welcome to Lowe''s Find a

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LDR cut pipe is the way to go LDR cut pipe is the way to go when selecting gas pipe for your residence. Our durable schedule 40 black steel is hydrostatically tested and available in sizes to fit residential and light commercial gas and air appliions. Our cut pipe

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If you''re familiar with using pipe-joint compound (a.k.a. pipe dope), you can substitute with pluer''s tape in the same appliions. It can be used on all standard metal pipe materials as well as rigid plastic pipe. Common places to use pluer''s tape include:

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People often refer to "pipe dope" when talking about sealing threads of pipe fittings, but when I go to Home Depot or Lowes or whatever, Pipe joint compound or thread sealant. Should be near soldering stuff, pluers putty, PVC Glue, Teflon tape, etc

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RectorSeal No. 5 Pipe Thread Sealant Sealant at Lowe''s. Rectorseal® no. 5® is a slow drying, soft setting pipe thread seals, lubries and protects threaded

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Pipe dope, technically known as pipe joint compound is both a thread lubricant and thread sealing compound. Unlike a thread sealant tape, pipe dope is designed to make a pipe thread joint leak proof and pressure tight by brushing on a pasty substance to a male thread (never to a thread because some of it will push into the pipe.

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6/9/2019· How to Use Pipe Joint Compound. When carrying out any type of pluing project, it''s important to choose the right sealant. Many pluers swear by pipe joint compound (also known in the industry as "pipe dope"), a gooey adhesive that

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Home Depot customers questions and answers for Oatey Oatey 8 oz. Pipe Joint Compound. Read questions and answers real customers have contributed for the Oatey 8 oz. Pipe Joint Compound. You will want to use Oatey Great Blue Pipe Joint Compound or

The Purpose of Pipe-Joint Compound and How to Use It

To use pipe-joint compound, apply an even coating onto the end of a threaded pipe, using either the applior brush or a finger. Then, thread the pipe into the fitting, making sure to avoid cross threading that might damage the threads. Many pluers use a thin

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